Panda Loach


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This beautiful loach displays white and black vertical stripes as a juvenile and gold and black reticulated patterns as an adult.  It is very peaceful with dwarf shrimp, has a very active and outgoing personality, and is very hardy in a mature aquarium that is rich in algae and biofilm.


The Panda Loach (Yaoshania pachychilus) is a very rare freshwater loach that is native to Southern China.  It is known for its beautiful juvenile and adult coloration, its peaceful yet outgoing demeanor, and its fascinating social behavior with members of its own species.  This fascinating, peaceful fish is an algae and biofilm grazer that is an excellent candidate for the mature subtropical aquarium.  


An aquarium with heavy water flow (10-15x turnover per hour) and very clean, clear water is required for the Panda Loach.  Like the well-known hillstream loaches, this loach is native to shallow, clear, fast-flowing waters and it is sensitive to declines in water quality, so regular aquarium maintenance and maximum oxygen saturation are absolutely necessary..


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