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This popular Corydoras (cory) species originates from Peru, where it is found in the Ucayali river system, the main headwater of the Amazon River. First collected by H.R. Richards in 1968, the species was not given its name until three years later when it was assigned the name corydoras panda by Nijssen and Isbrücker. The name was given in honor of the giant panda of China, which has a white body with black markings over the eyes and extremities, which are mirrored in this attractive cory.


The region from which the panda cory originates is known for its blackwater conditions. The water is on the acidic side and quite soft due to a lack of minerals. Additionally, these waters are a bit cooler than other tropical areas, running in the mid to low 70s on average. When initially introduced to the aquarium hobby, specimens were wild-caught, causing them to be rather expensive to purchase. Eventually, captive breeding programs greatly reduced the price, and as a result, the species has become not only quite inexpensive but also hugely popular.


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