Canada Litter 18KG – Lavender


Canada Litter is made from sodium bentonite and is produced in Canada.

Bentonite is a mineral clay with the characteristics of expansion, absorption and very low permeability. The principal mineral component is montmorillonite, and although bentonite can be found throughout the world, bentonite layers of high quality are extremely rare. Our fine granulation bentonite reminds cats of their natural environment

With an absorption capacity of 350% (3.5 times its own weight) Canada Litter has a very high agglomerating capacity with huge absorption properties. Moisture clumps instantly, and all one needs do is remove clumps daily to eliminate risk of bacteria that may form in the pan. Our perfume, made from essential baby powder and lavender oils is mild enough for cats cat and was designed as an extra safeguard to control any left over odours in the pan

How to use? Just fill a clean litter pan 4 to 5 inches deep, remove clumps each day, and maintain the level. Clumps can be disposed of in the garbage.

Canada Litter is the #1 solution for odour free, easy-to-use, long-lasting, natural and safe cat litter.


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